Well, now what?

So, instead of spurring me on to bigger and better crocheting projects, the scarf has sucked me into knitting.

It actually seems as though my knitting skills have improved during the time the scarf was set aside. Is that even possible? I picked it up and BLAMMO (To quote Julie. Thanks. I’ve had Cosby stuck in my head all week. :lol:)! I was moving right along. Very weird. And before I had time to get bored or frustrated with it – I realized that the end was in sight. So all of a sudden, instead of working on a perennial WIP until I got inspired to start something cool, I was finishing a project. A Christmas project I’d been working on for months. It was a big moment.

There was that point at the end, where you have to hang onto it like a garden hose on full blast, to force yourself to weave in all the ends, and stitch the finishing details, and all that – but all of my materials were right there, and even flailing about like that, I couldn’t think of anything else to work on.

So I finished it.

crossed-stitch scarf (1)

Here’s a close-up of the detail:

crossed-stitch scarf detail

Click on the detail pic for an even closer view.

And now – I can’t stop. 😀 I’m knitting a cabled swatch, my first experience with cables at all, just to see how I do. I’ve rarely been so narcissistic about anything I’ve made while still in the process, I’m pretty amazed at the result. Pics will follow…


  1. Kathy says:

    I adore the scarf and I high-five you with your ability to knit the cables. I am still trying to find my cable bliss. It looks great, and I’m inspired to blow off work to run home and knit like a madwoman. Thanks!! :mrgreen:

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