The Ark is coming along well.

Look how much I’ve finished!


It was really pretty monotonous after all of the fast, complicated little animals. I actually put in the little ‘windows’ because I was soooooo bored making flat panels. I quite like the effect, though. So good for me. It was a lot of crocheting, though – what I have done was done in three days, with the majority of the actual stitching done in one day. My poor wrist. But Max’s birthday is at the end of the week, so I must press on!

Ark-watch, 4 days remaining: Well, as you can see, I’ve finished the bottom and sides of the ark – most of the major work, hopefully. Still to do – The Ark needs a roof and a shoulder-strap. Once I’m finished, I’ll post the pattern for the little ark-tote so you can all make one, too!


  1. Joy says:

    I just happen to stumble on your page from a search for a noah’s ark pattern… I am wondering if this is the pattern by White House Birches… I would love to have that pattern. Would you happen to know where I could get the pattern?? I have looked all over the net to purchase this pattern…Thanks so much! Joy

  2. Melissa says:

    I bought the pattern from e-pattern central, and you can find it here.

    I’m not using their ark pattern, though, but rather designing my own tote-style ark. 😀

  3. Esther says:

    I bought the pattern from e-central – thank you for referring me there! Your ark/animals – just gorgeous!!!! How beautiful!! You should make these to sell! I’d be first in line to buy one :-)

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