Yet another bump in the road…

So I ran out of cotton yarn. Again. Bleh. Apparently it takes more to cover my butt than I had thought. Although, as you can see from this (rather awful) photo

sarong farther along

I’ve gone quite a ways with it. And I think it’ll come out nicely – once I buy another ball of yarn for it. Ah, well.

But, perhaps this is a positive thing – now I’m free to work on something else. Like, ohhhh, I don’t know – maybe my son’s birthday present? That giraffe isn’t going to crochet itself… 😛


  1. jane says:

    IM totally spoiled too. OUr truck is such that you cant unlock it to let me in first, but he trys to open my door for me. And he normally leaves the room before the smell hits. sorry i havent emailed back lately. too much drama. OH and what stitch did you use. IT looks pretty!

  2. Melissa says:

    I used a petal stitch! It’s a pattern stitch made up of 4 rows of mostly chains/chain loops joined together. I got the stitch from a pattern for a petal-stitch poncho I made last fall. Once I finish this *innocent whistling* I’ll post the pattern for it up here. :)

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