I just don’t get some people.

I was watching Dr. Phil last week (I like Dr. Phil. So shoot me.) and they were talking about ‘real-life’ deseperate housewives who each had a secret that was consuming their lives. For almost all of them, it seemed this was some kind of addictive behavior that they just kept repeating, even though they knew it was destructive. One was an alcoholic, one was bullimic, one was addicted to pain pills, one was a compulsive shoplifter – you get the picture.
How can people let things get so out of balance in their life? I mean, you know when things start to get bad, you can’t help noticing that – for example – you’ve had fourteen teeth rot because you’re throwing up all the time. How do you let it get so out of control?
My husband had nightmares last night that I wanted a divorce because (we have decided) he found out yesterday that two of his friends that he plays games with online are getting divorced. We have also decided that for at least one of them, his 75-hour-a-week Counterstrike habit probably contributed to it. But I doubt, if you had asked him last week, that he would have said that Counterstrike was more important to him than his wife and child – but that is where he was spending his time and energy, and it’s no wonder, after all, that his ‘sniper’ skills are more finely honed than his family skills.
I don’t know. I like my life to be balanced, at peace. I can always tell when something starts to overwhelm everything else, and I get stressed, and work for balance again. I mean, some weeks I crochet a lot in between diaper changes, but I mix it up with my other hobbies – reading, writing stuff, hours on the computer, artwork, baking, housework…heehee…sorry, couldn’t pull that one off with a straight face. Housework is definitely not one of my hobbies.

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