Seriously No-Holes Granny Square

I wanted to used granny squares for the chickenghan, but I also wanted them really solid. No holes around, no holes in the corners, and no holes in the middle. I tried one pattern for a supposedly solid granny square, and ended up with a center that looked like this:


Not really the look I was going for. So, instead, I came up with my own directions for a granny square with seriously no holes in it. See?

There are no holes in me.

Much better. I used some Red Heart Super Saver and an H/8 (5.00mm) hook for mine; obviously you can use whatever you like but it’s going to affect the size and density. Swatch for your project, is what I’m saying.

Seriously No-Holes Granny Square

Seriously No Holes Granny Square by Melissa Mall


Rnd 1: Ch 3; make 2 dc in the 3rd ch from hook, tr in same ch. (Make 3 dc in same ch, tr in same ch) 3 times. Join in top of ch-3.

Rnd 2: Ch 3. * [Dc in each dc until tr, (place 2 dc, tr, 2 dc) in tr] 4 times. Dc in each dc until ch-3. Join to top of ch-3.

Repeat round 2 until square reaches desired size. I found that three rounds made a square about 4″ across, six rounds made one about 8″ across, and nine rounds made one about 12″ across – your mileage may vary with different gauge or materials. Each one takes about 100 yards.

So obviously, I’m making nine-round squares for the Chickenghan of Doom (official name). Twenty-four of them. Well – only twenty-two to go!

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