I Think I’ve Been Had

Someone has gotten one over on me, I think. Who, you may ask? Why, it’s this little cherub:

Gryffindor Garter Scarf

Wait, let me try again:

Gryffindor Garter Scarf

Yup, that’s him all right.

You see, I was shopping at Joann’s this week and I had Charlie with me for some reason. We happened to run across an endcap of Red Heart Team Spirit…which is, of course, a self-striping worsted acrylic that makes big, blocky stripes in two colors. And of course I just happened to notice and mention aloud that the burgundy/gold colorway would make a perfect Gryffindor scarf. Then we noticed black and yellow, blue and silver, and green and white (close enough, who cares about Slytherin’s feelings, anyway?)

We laughed that we could make a Hogwarts scarf for each house, one for each boy. And, of course, that would have been the end of it as we walked off, except for one thing: Charlie is absolutely Harry Potter mad. (Have you forgotten his Harry Potter birthday party from last year? Because I haven’t.)

He begged and he pleaded. He negotiated. He wheedled. He bargained until we struck an accord: I would buy all four skeins of yarn if he would learn to knit and help me make them.

So this is good and this is bad. First of all, did I just agree to knit four scarves when I already have a lot of work to do? Oh, I think I did. But there’s no particular deadline for these scarves, and self-striping garter stitch on nice bamboo needles isn’t exactly punishment. Not to mention, it won’t do Charlie any harm to learn some knitting. I told him that children his age used to knit things like scarves all the time, and he was flabbergasted. It won’t do him any harm at all to find he can do something like that.

In fact, he’s already done about three rows of the part we have finished, although he dropped a few stitches (at which point I realized that him knitting is going to be harder work for me than doing it all myself) but who knows? Maybe by the time we get around to Slytherin he’ll be knitting independently and I won’t have to anything but cast on and bind off. Only time will tell, I suppose.

Gryffindor Garter Scarf

Don’t worry, kiddo, we’ll get it figured out!

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