Time for Something Sweet

Today I stuck Ivy in a little jumper I knit for her while I was waiting for her to be born.

Candy Striper Jumper

I was, in fact, so intently knitting it that I didn’t realize I was going into full-blown labor, which is the story of how I got one hour of sleep the night before she was born. I didn’t quite finish it before she came, but I did a day or two after, and I must say I like it a lot.

Candy Striper Jumper by Melissa Mall

I love the straps criss-crossed in the back. They were just a little bit of crocheting (there’s some around the bottom edge, too, to help it not curl) and all in all it was a quick project. It’s meant to be a way to dress up the fact that you let your baby lounge around in onesies all day. You do, right? Not just me? Not constantly dressing your child up in fancy frilly outfits? A comfy little jumper popped over the top of it makes it look so much cuter.

What do you think? Do you like it? If so you’re in luck, because you can get the free pattern at Inner Child Crochet!

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