Happy Thanksgiving!

Today, I’m thankful for something adorable.

Woodsmoke Pullover - just in time for Christmas crocheting!

Okay, yes, Tommy is break-your-heart darling in this picture, but I’m talking about the sweater! I’ve designed a lot of complicated crochet patterns in my time, but this is the first time that I’ve done a fully resized garment. Ever. I am so proud of myself and I am SO thankful it’s finished. Do you have a little man who needs a sweater this Christmas?

Woodsmoke - simple ribbed drop-sleeved pullover.

It’s available in sizes 2-12, a comfy, cozy, simple, oversized, ribbed sweater. Go take a peek – there are more pictures and I have piles more that I didn’t include. That kid is too darn cute.

Don’t forget that I’m running a sale from now until Christmas, so go pick up your coupon code if you want to save big on patterns! (Visit my pattern store here!) I hope you enjoy your holiday…because the race is on for Christmas!

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