Homemade Lacing Shapes

(This is a scheduled post. We’re currently on the move!)

You know what’s fun? Lacing shapes.

Homemade lacing shapes! To be sure.

I made these for our trip, and I only spent $2.

To make your own lacing shapes you will need:


* Foam sheets (Dollar Tree, $1)
* Shoelaces (Dollar Tree, $1)
* Hole punch
* Scissors
* Sharpie Pen

Making them is simple. Just cut out a shape, draw on a few details, and punch out some holes. Foam sheets are more fragile than cardboard, so I opted to make fewer holes farther from the edge than you might see in professional cards. If you’re not feeling artistically inclined, just try making some geometric shapes. If you need them to be sturdier for younger children (the shapes above are for Max, Mr. Ocean Obsessed) you might try gluing two or three layers together – at 32 little sheets for $1 that’s not cost prohibitive.

This is just a fast, fun, cheap little craft – I should mention, that with 6 shoelaces and 32 sheets for $2, I had enough material to make lacing shapes for everyone – that’s fun to play with, too.

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