Serenity Now

I feel like the blog has been rather dull lately. Or maybe it’s just that I’ve been feeling dull. And tired. And consumed with practical matters like, “How many boxes do you need to pack up a closet full of board games?” or “How far ahead of time can we pack the kids’ games and toys without leaving us all to go insane?” or even, “HOW long is the drive, again?” In this mood some things take a back seat.

Last week, though, my fingers started twitching for something to do. Nervous energy has that effect, sometimes. Something easy, but pretty. Something comforting. I had a bag of Caron Dazzleaire (bulky and fuzzy, if you’re not familiar) that I bought at the Dollar Tree just before Christmas, so I pulled out a few colors and started poking it with a hook until something emerged.

I used spike stitch. I’ve never used spike stitch before: turns out, it’s not very difficult. I really like the effect it gives to boring-old-regular stripes. Although, looking at it now, it almost looks jittery. Does it look jittery to you, or am I just projecting?

I like the flippy collar.

The part I LOVE the most is that little faux ‘collar.’ Turns out if you make a semicircular wrap, you can just flip the neck back and create a shawl collar. Which now that I mention it, is probably where the term ‘shawl collar’ came from, don’t you think?

I think it looks so cool.

I only used one ball of each color, and at $1 apiece that makes this a $4 shawl. Worth it! I have good news for you, too: if you are as enraptured with this design as I am, you can go right now and get the free pattern over at Inner Child Crochet. (I know. I’m shocked, as well.)

I hope you like it. I do.


  1. Sunshine says:

    I like it! So simple but beautiful! I think the spike stitches make a sunburst effect. Maybe I should try it in sunny colors; red, orange and yellow would look cool!

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