My Tiny Valentine

Just a little heart.

Valentine’s Day is coming up, but we’re not doing much for it – partially because we pack up in about 30 days. Man, I need to stop saying we ‘pack up’ in 30 days. We load the truck in 30 days. I need to do more packing and quick. I’m going to go pack up a couple of boxes right now, as a matter of fact. Just as soon as I post this!

Anyway, this morning I crocheted a tiny heart to go in my hair and I wanted to share with you guys because I know the blog hasn’t exactly been riveting lately. (I really look forward to the time when my life isn’t measured by impending or recent moves!!!)

My Tiny Valentine

* Less than one skein six-strand embroidery floss, in red and white
* D (3.25mm size) hook
* Needle


With red, ch 2. In 2nd ch from hook, make (sc, 2 dc, 2 tr, 2 dc, tr). Ch 1. In same ch as the rest of the stitches, make (2 dc, 2 tr, 2 dc, sc, sl st).

Leave your red live and begin white. In my pictures you can see that I joined after the first round (where you would normally join) and I got a little jog in my white. To avoid that, try joining your white in the center of the heart, where you made all your stitches in the first round.

With white, sl st in each stitch around to the ch at the bottom point of the heart. Ch 1, skip the chain beneath it, then sl st in each st around to the center top, then sl st in the center of the heart to close outline. Finish white and pull ends through to back through the center of the heart.

Turn heart to the back and resume working with red. Ch 5, skip 1 ch, sc in the next 4 chains. Finish off, leaving a few inches of thread. Sew sc strip down at opposite end to create a little loop that you can stick a bobby pin or barrette through. Weave in ends.


Hearts to wear in the hair!


    • Melissa says:

      If your heart looks indistinct, take hold of the ch-1 in the middle of the round (right after the 3rd tr) and tug on it slightly to accentuate the point. Adding the white outline also accentuates the shape of the heart.

      I hope this helps!

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