Bah Baa – Sheep for Christmas!

So remember that notebook I found? These guys were in there, too.

Sheep and Lamb Ornaments

I’m not completely satisfied with my photography here. I’ve been trying to learn some of the more complicated settings on my camera…let’s just say I’m not sold on them yet. The individual shots came out better:


And then the lamb…


Tommy and Teddy love these things because they know what sheep say and it’s a mommy and a baby. They just cannot get over that and always make sure that the two of them are close together on the tree, because mommy sheep and baby sheep clearly belong together. Maybe I should make a second lamb, so the mommy sheep would have two babies! Anyway, these two are, hands down, my favorite ornaments that I have made – and the good news is that if you like them too, you can pick up the directions in my pattern store.

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