The Things That Don’t Get Done

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Every Christmas, I have a few things that I want to do, and mean to do, but just don’t get finished. Do you have those? Maybe it’s a big project you forget to start it until it’s too late, or it’s just lower priority than things like buying and wrapping presents and making cookies, so it gets shoved to the side. I’ve thought about it, and compiled the list of things that I wish I’d finished.

1. Personalized Stockings (my kids have been suffering with plain red ones for years.)
2. Make 24 small ornaments to go in our mini-muffin advent calendar. (I tried to do this last year. It did not get done.)
3. Make a nativity toy for the kids to play with.
4. Make a tree skirt (Yup. Our tree stand has always been nekkid.)

You can see how these aren’t something I can just toss together the week before Christmas and have it turn out okay. We’re only halfway through September, though, so I clearly have enough time to mark off at least ONE of these things. I think I want to tackle my number one: personalized stockings. I’d really like to do that. Most craft stores (and some non-crafty stores) already have Christmas supplies stocked, so I need to go see if I can get some new stockings (the ones we have have been added gradually over time and don’t match – I’m picky that way) and some felt, since that’s how I plan to decorate them.

What about you? I’m not the only one, right? Do you have something on a ‘never get around to it’ list that you can do while Christmas is still months away? What’s on your list?

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  1. Mauri says:

    Mine is right there in your first picture – cookies! Can’t get those started months in advance though.

    I wonder if it would be weird to knit up four stockings or so and leave all but mine blank for future family members…
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