Blueberry Molasses Cake

So for Max’s party we’re having a Perry the Platypus cake – but we needed a little cake for his actual birthday. Max requested a blueberry molasses cake. I know. I love my kids.


I found the recipe here: it’s the second time I’ve used it and both times the cake has turned out of the pan beautifully (even though I totally just used cooking spray). It’s much more like a quickbread than a cake, and I like it very much.

However, for birthday usage I thought it needed a little more pizazz, so I mixed up a little batch of frosting.

Yeah, you’re jealous now, right? Sorry guys, I don’t really use a recipe for frosting. I just sort of add ingredients until it’s what I want. In this case there was four ounces of cream cheese, three tablespoons of butter, some milk, powdered sugar – more powdered sugar – about a quarter cup of ‘Robust’ molasses, and then (because I wanted it thicker but not sweeter) a bit of flour. I’ve never put flour in my frosting before, but when I found out that it didn’t ruin it I added some more. It gave it almost a batter-like flavor which I like very much. We will definitely be having molasses frosting again sometime.

Happy Birthday, buddy.



  1. Mom says:

    Looks Scrumptious. I got a bunch of blueberries on special. I wonder if frozen/thawed berries would work in this cake? Hum.

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