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Hey, everyone! Sorry to be so long between posts. My mom and dad are visiting! It’s an event that happens only once every few years and so I’m going to be taking it easy the rest of the week. (Regularly scheduled blogging should resume on Monday.)

In the meantime, check out what I made this morning!

It's breakfast!

I used this recipe for oatmeal breakfast cookies (posted in 2007, whoa!), made a double batch, and pressed it out in a greased cookie sheet. I baked them at 350 degrees for 17 minutes, and there they are:


Oatmeal breakfast bars. They’re good – although a little thin. I’ve been searching for a storable, portable, toddler-approved healthy snack food (it’s harder than I previously thought) and I think that if I quadruple the recipe instead I’ll have something more like a soft granola bar. It’s worth a try!

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  1. bezzie says:

    Ha ha, I know exactly what you speak of–the great Grandma and Grandpa visit only happens so often when you’re a nomad! Have a fun visit!!

  2. sarah says:

    check out this one–I think it might be just what you are looking for

    my kids love it when I make these, and everyone who has tried one says they are very good.
    I use the reduced amount of sugar…I melt the peanut butter and butter together before adding to the mixture…and I make a double batch because 1 8×8 pan doesn’t last me 2 days

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