Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons

No, that’s a real book. It sounds like a cheesy infomercial tag, doesn’t it? But yesterday, Max did something momentous.

I can read with my eyes shut!

He finished his 100th lesson. Before we started, he knew the alphabet and how to read his name, and now he is reading at a second grade level. I was going to wait until Max finished to start with Charlie, but after about a month of Max getting lessons, Charlie begged for them too, and so in about six weeks Charlie will also be reading at a second grade level. (He is four years old.) With 25 lessons to go, he is proudly reading Hop on Pop, which the Scholastic Book Wizard rates as first grade level reading.

Don't cut my hair!

I just wanted to mention it, as I’d never have heard of the book if I hadn’t read online reviews of it from other homeschoolers. It’s cheap (only about $12 on Amazon right now) and it is ridiculously simple to teach from. (The book has a script for you to read from during each lesson. No, really.) Your child can have zero knowledge of phonics or letters or reading beforehand and still be taught successfully with this method. The authors claim that even children with learning disabilities or extremely low IQs can be taught to read using their method. Charlie was three years old when we started and still did very well with it. The lessons only take 15 minutes (or less) a day from you, but the results are wonderful.

Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons! I recommend it!


  1. Abi says:

    I’ve heard of this book and I think I even got it out of the library once and was going to buy it but never got around to it. I really should buy it because my kindergartener is really wanting to read. Thanks for reminding me of this book.

  2. mom says:

    I LOVED teaching my babies to read! The moment that they realize there is a world inside the books to be explored – friends to play with – cool stuff to know. Their eyes light up and they have the most amazing look on their faces! Me – I used “how to teach your baby to read”

  3. Nina Riley says:

    It’s great that people are starting to teach their children to read from such a young age.I am sure that before a 100 days they are doing a good job at understanding the conventions of reading.

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