Some Days You Get a Lot Done.

Other days – you spend all morning constructing an elaborate castle from the moving boxes that clutter up your house because the next bulk trash pickup isn’t for a month.

Yes? Who is it?

This morning Charlie came to me, looking for the watering cans. He needed them, he told me, because he and Max were going to built a giant castle in the sandbox (read: the strip of gravel and dirt at the back of the yard), and they would go inside, and be kings, and have adventures. All they needed, he said, was a watering can, because the sand was too dry and wouldn’t stick together.

Now, you tell me – how could I let all those adventures go unlived just because gravel and dirt make terrible giant castles?

Accessible to all ages. :)

It’s times like these that I remind myself to take a step back, relax, and experience the place that I’m in. Sure, I’d rather not have empty boxes in my house, but if they weren’t here then how would I make a castle for my boys?

Hi, there!

That box with the rainbow on it was a rocket yesterday. Pretty cool, right? Charlie was the king and Max, Tommy, and Teddy were princes: I got to be the queen of the castle. I wonder what adventure we’ll have tomorrow?

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