I’m Making a Hand Puppet!

Congratulations, L! You win a monkey pattern!

I didn’t really expect anyone to get more specific than that – after all, how on earth could you guess what kind of hand puppet I am making? This leads me to my next point. Puppets: I’ve made kind of a lot of them.

Ahh, puppets.

Although, to be honest, I thought I’d made some more! I love puppets, I think they’re so much more fun than most stuffed animals…you can really engage with them, pretend and act with them in ways that you just don’t with stuffed animals. We have a lot of toys at my house and when kids come over they don’t play with all of them, but you can bet that if there’s a puppet sitting out they’re going to stick their hand in it and make it do something.

What do you think? What is it about puppets that makes them so awesome? (Do you agree that they’re awesome?) If you could have me design any kind of puppet, what would it be?


  1. Wren says:

    They’re just more interactive! We had a nephew over recently (no bonus for guessing which one) and had fun playing with our seal puppet.

    Apparently, it meows. And tickles faces. Hilariously.

  2. Nancy Smith says:

    Do you have patterns for these? I love the birs. They are sooo colorful and bright and I think my grandchildren would love to have them.

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