Wow. I Am So Slow.


I am so slow that it took me a month to knit two baby hats. No lie. They were my only project, too, so it’s not like I dashed off and did something else in between steps. Nope. They just languished.

At least they were worth it.

How is it possible they're only getting cuter?!

Tommy and Teddy are just thrilled. No, no – I can tell. 😀 Anyway, as you can see I used the same yarn as I used for the stripes in the cardigans (plus a few accents in a darker green) so they really go together beautifully.


They’re peas in a pod! Get it? Because they’re twins! Peas…in a pod…right.

Two crafts working together in harmony.

As you can see, I crocheted the peas and pods and little vines (they’re pretty much the same as the pumpkin hat vines) and I think they’re almost unbearably adorable.


How did I end up with the most adorable kids in the world?! That seems statistically improbable…oh, well. I’ll take em!


  1. Talya says:

    I love the hats and sweaters. I was wondering if you had patterns for them? If so would you please email them to me at the address that was submitted with this form? Thanks in advance! They are adorable!

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