Cleaning House

So, today was Mama-san day at my house. Mama-san day is the day I pay a Japanese woman (Mama-san) to come over and do my dishes and various other chores. Among those, she mops my floor. Now I don’t know if you remember the cover I made for my swiffer wet-jet two and a half years ago, but it’s seen better days.


Whoa! Look at that. There’s even a seam held together with a safety pin, niiiice.  Well, as I watched my Mama-san struggle to keep my old, floppy, pinned-together cover on the mop today as she mopped, I finally succumbed to shame and decided to make a new one.



Niiiiice. Now there’s a cover that will really stay on, scrub, and probably not look filthy after a single use. The pattern is the “biffer shrug” from Gherkin’s Bucket (home of the crochet dish sponges!) – free, crocheted, and only one ball of kitchen cotton. It even looks nice on the mop, as seen in this washed-out, flash photographed picture!


Now I can watch my Mama-san mop without shame. Except about the fact that I’m paying someone to clean my house, hahahahahaha.


  1. Abi says:

    I would love a mama-san day. Your biffer shrug looks like it would do some serious cleaning. Hmmm, I should get a swiffer just so I can make one. Haha.

  2. Sarah says:

    I wish I had a Mama-san day, too! Unfortunately, I don’t have a swiffer, but a sponge mop (one with rollers that squeeze all the water out of the sponge). It would be awesome if I could crochet something for that though.. I hate having to buy a new sponge every other month!

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