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Things have been incredibly hectic over the last few weeks, but I’m writing to you now from the other side of our plane trip. That’s right, we’re down here by the hospital in muggy sunny Okinawa! So, while I haven’t been able to muster much energy or interesting content for the blog this last month, I now have time. Lots and lots of time.

Also (interestingly) I think I’ll be able to work on some projects! I had anticipated not really doing much knitting or crocheting down here since the hot and sticky weather drains me of any desire to cover my lap with wool, but the cottage we’re staying in requires us to keep the air conditioning on all the time to prevent the growth of mold. Let me just say that 21C is a lot cooler than you’d think. We’re going to be glad when our trunks show up and we can pull out the sweatshirts we packed for the trip back home.

Anyway – here we are! Now we just have to wait a few weeks for the twins to get here.

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  1. Bezzie says:

    They’ll be here before you know it!!
    My little niece was dropped in Okinawa 😉 I don’t know how much you guys are getting out and about but there are some really fun looking parks around the base there–with “butt burner” slides–those weird rollers on them. My brother sent a lot of Okinawa home vids! Ha ha!

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