Laid Low

Late last week I was hit with a cold – and it was a bad one. I was barely cognizant for a day and a half, and miserable for three more after that. It’s always a little embarrassing to be taken out by a cold (I like to say it’s the viral equivalent of being attacked by a chipmunk) but you have to remember that there was a reason that two hundred years ago a cold would keep you in bed for a week. Thank heaven for Sudafed, that’s all I’m saying.

Since then, I’ve been focused on three things only. One – being sick. Two – taking care of sick children, and Three – finishing this.

It's my gorgeous sweater!

I love this sweater so much. It’s comfortable, warm, and just so gorgeous.

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.

I worked on this sweater sitting on the sofa, watching Pride and Prejudice (for once not chuckling as Jane was laid up at Netherfield for a week after riding there in the rain), going through an entire box of tissues. Round after round after round of the same stitch pattern was all I had the energy for. Woohoo!

Mah gorgeous sweater

Pretty, pretty, pretty. (And I’m feeling much better now. Think I’ll go for a walk!)


  1. Bezzie says:

    Beautiful sweater! Yeah I’m battling a cold myself. And crossing my fingers I don’t pass it to the littlest one. Oof.

  2. Jenny says:

    Very pretty sweater! I love the color and the stitch pattern. So nice

    Hope you feel better soon. I came over here to tell you congrats on earning the Lime and Violet Hook up o’ the Week with your pretty Genevieve sweater!!! Too cool :)

    PS. Sorry for the duplicate. Half of my message got eaten 😉

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