Horsin’ Around

A cute little crochet horse! Neigh!

So, this weekend I made a horse.

What a cute little crocheted horse!

He’s my own design, of course – I wanted him to complement the little cow I made for Charlie – and he’s cute! He took longer to make than the cow did. Manes and tails, people. They’re harder than they look. (Well, I wouldn’t say harder is the right word. Labor intensive, perhaps.) Not to mention the fact that it’s difficult to finish a toy quickly when two little boys are watching your every move, sneaking up to peer at the sketches in your notebook, trying to guess what you’ve made, and attempting to make off with the whatever-it-is as soon as it has some stuffing in it.

His head is not really as oversized as it appears in this shot.

We have had an adorable three-day’s wonder here, though. Max has decided he’s really interested in horses. We’ve talked about what they eat, where they live, what they do; we’ve watched videos of wild horses (thank you, YouTube) and we’ve hauled a fringed scarf out of the closet to become a tail for my little horsie. Max even moved all of his Hot Wheels out of the little cupboard that serves as his ‘garage’ to make room for all the stuffed farm animals he could find to take a nap in their ‘barn.’ What a sweetie.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the animals are evicted from the barn in a week, but for now I’m happy he’s loved so much.


  1. Bezzie says:

    I like the way you got the cheek (do horses have cheeks?) shaping just right! I knit Chunky a felted stick-horse head (that I attached to a stick!) and he still rides that thing around…something to think about with Max. Since well, I’m betting there’s no room at your house for a real horse! Hee hee!

  2. Louise Hill says:

    My daughter had a white crocheted pony as an infant, she is now gonna be 25, anyhow she loved that pony so much it shredded over the years, I would sew it and sew it but it finally died… Would you be interested in selling your pony? If you made a white one that would be awesome… Please let me know..
    Thank you
    Louise Hill

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