Heeey, I’m up late!

It’s nearly lunchtime in the States, which can only mean one thing: I am up waaaay too late. I’ve been working on my site, which is coming along nicely. It’s still in pieces – some pages have been converted over to the new format, and some have not – but hey! I’m doing all of this myself in between being a mom and a wife and all the crocheting that I’m still doing.

I actually have something to show you today:

mulberry wristwarmers

I made a pair of wristwarmers! They’re a combination of knitting and crochet (and I have to say, I think I’ll do that more often. There’s intriguing potential in that mix) and they were fast and fun. I like them! The pattern is very simple and I should have it up this weekend – hopefully on a new-format page!

At any rate, I really need to get to bed. Morning comes early, as my parents used to say! Earlier here than there, but that’s beside the point.


  1. Mandy Bee says:

    How cute! The combination of knitting and crochet is nice, it makes for a totally different look. What yarn did you use, btw?

    I’m actually about to start teaching myself how to knit right now. :) I’m pretty excited and a little intimidated, but here goes nothin’.

    PS – I started your 100 yen pouch pattern last night. I love the idea. I don’t carry much coinage though, so I’m using a chunky yarn, should be big enough to carry my phone/chapstick and some little extras that get lost in my purse all the time. Thanks!

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