There has been a lot going on here that I should have been blogging about. First and foremost, Missa was able to resurrect my old blog. Hurray! We were able to import all of my old posts here to my new blog (where I will be remaining). I feel better now that I have two years of blog back here with me; reading through the posts was like opening a old journal (but more interesting. Why my journaling is boring drivel but I enjoy reading my blogs, I’ll never know) and I’m happy to have them. Say it with me one more time – HURRAY!

For the next-largest event, I received a surprising piece of mail the other day:

rejection letter

Remember that design submission I sent to Interweave Crochet waaaaay back in – um, I guess it must have been May, or so? It was for the winter issue and so I figured it hadn’t been selected but they sent me a letter and returned my swatch and proposal. That’s nice of them. My first rejection letter, ever – kind of exciting! I may write more about the rejected design later, we shall see.

Next order of business, I finished the pink and yellow church-baby afghan!

blossom baby afghan

which turned out to be not just circles, after all. I modeled the shape after a Tudor rose rather than those stylized daisies that you see everywhere. I like it very much, and plan to write the pattern up to sell fairly quickly.

Finishing things is fun!


  1. Mom says:

    Hey – not receiving rejection letters just means you haven’t tried hard enough stuff yet. Keep going – may you get rejection letters from the best of them! Love you

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