Pattern Giveaway WINNERS!

Yesterday was the last day to enter my Birthday Pattern Giveaway, so I’ve spent the morning going through the entries to find the winners. Each entry was assigned a number, and nine numbers were randomly selected to win.

Birthday Giveaway WINNERS!

1st Prize Winner: Lise Mendel – you’ve won 9 free patterns!

Thanks for your generosity.

2nd Prize Winner: Lian – you’ve won 8 free patterns!

You have lovely cute patterns. Would be good if I won some of them :-) !!

3rd Prize Winner: Rebecca W – you’ve won 7 free patterns!

Congrats on 9 years and so many adorable patterns! Thanks for the chance to enter, and here’s to many more years of awesome. ;)

4th Prize Winner: Amy Lounsberry – you’ve won 6 free patterns!

love a chance at those great patterns

5th Prize Winner: Dorothy Mouse – you’ve won 5 free patterns!

I would love to win a pattern. Thanks for the contest

6th Prize Winner: SherryG. – you’ve won 4 free patterns!

Congrats on your anniversary. Love the patterns. Thanks for the chance.

7th Prize Winner: Monie – you’ve won 3 free patterns!

Yay patterns! I need something new to get my creative juices flowing again!

8th Prize Winner: Cropperhopper – you’ve won 2 free patterns!

How exciting! I love your patterns!

9th Prize Winner: RealTruck – you’ve won 1 free pattern!

Congratulations and thanks for the most generous contest. :)

Winners have been contacted with their prize codes. If you believe you have won but have not received a message, please let me know! Thank you to everyone who entered and participated, this was so much fun!

25 Things to Crochet with 100 Yards or Less

There are a lot of crochet patterns on the internet, and sometimes it can be hard to pick the good ones from the crowd. Today I thought I’d pick out 25 free crochet patterns that can be made with 100 yards of yarn or less. I hope you enjoy!

25 free patterns to Crochet with 100 Yards or Less

  1. Facial Cleaning Pads (less than 5 yds)
  2. Teeny Tiny Lobsters (5-10 yds)
  3. Luna Lovegood’s Radish Earrings (11-22 yds)
  4. Hundred Yen Pouch (20-30 yds)
  5. Irish Rose (20-30 yds)
  6. Littlest Bashful Starfish (20-40 yds)
  7. Little Baker Set (20-60 yds)
  8. Toot Sweet Newborn Bonnet (30 yds)
  9. Calypso Hairband (35-40 yds)
  10. Oh-So-Soft Baby Washcloth (40-50 yds)
  11. Basic Baby Beanie (50 yds)
  12. Lace Jewelry Frame (50-75 yds)
  13. Donut Pincushion (50-100 yds)
  14. Feminine Wristwarmers (55 yds)
  15. Dot’s Little Ditty Bag (57 yds)
  16. Granny Square Baby Bonnet (58-78 yds)
  17. Baby Elephant (60-65 yds)
  18. Criss Cross Baby Shoes (60-65 yds)
  19. Rib-Look Newborn Cap (75-100 yds)
  20. Folded Potholder (80-100 yds)
  21. Stratus Hat (80-85 yds)
  22. Fancy Goldfish Amigurumi (85 yds)
  23. Nadie Hair Wrap (85 yds)
  24. Mary Jane Slippers (99 yds)
  25. Helen Neckwarmer (100 yds)