Throw a Ninjago Party for $70 or Less

So, my little Max is ten years old. Let that one sink in. For this milestone birthday, we wanted to throw him a birthday party that was fun, and memorable, but not really, really, ridiculously expensive – and also pretty easy to put together. Does that seem like too much to ask? I think we managed it, though, and here’s how.

Throw a Ninjago Party for $70 or Less

Caution: this post is LONG and PHOTO HEAVY. See more after the jump.

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Duct Tape Notebook

I had quite a bit of duct tape left after making the headband holder, so I decided to dress up a composition notebook I had lying around.

Make it in Minutes - Duct Tape Notebook

It only took about ten or fifteen minutes and is pretty self-explanatory: apply strips of duct tape to the notebook! I do have a few tips for you: make sure the edges hang over the cover, so you can fold them under. Do the front and the back first, and the spine last.

Mostly, this post is just for inspiration. You don’t have to use mod podge to get a fun, sturdy covered notebook!