Lovely Little David

I’m excited to announce today the release of a pattern that I never thought I would publish. I honestly believed that the notes had been lost forever, but in this – our latest round of packing and unpacking – the long-lost design notes resurfaced and I quickly converted them to digital format before they could vanish again. Looking in my Ravelry notebook and my old blog posts revealed that it has been five years and one day since I finished it:

although I didn’t get to model it on Charlie until he was born several months later. What an adorable baby he was! Sigh.

Don’t mind me. At this very moment he is standing in the corner because he told Max he would punch him in the face if he didn’t play with him. Oh, well. At least I have the pictures of when he was young and innocent.

At any rate, if you’d like the pattern you can find it here. I hope you enjoy it.


  1. Cynthia Ellis says:

    I not only love your baby sweater pattern but I love your story about Charlie even better. Isn’t motherhood the best? Thanks for the pattern.

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