Homemade Hand-me-downs

We went to church this morning, and the sweater we unearthed for Charlie was this one:

(He is so cute. He put it on and said, “Mommy, I look like a teacher!”) It’s the Vestee I made for Max almost exactly two years ago, and I think this is the first time Charlie’s worn it. He’s also almost exactly the same age that Max was when I made it – here’s an archival photo for comparison:


Awww, look at little Max being a tree! Same sweater, same age – two very different boys. Max and Charlie both think it’s cool that this is a sweater I made for Max, that Charlie gets to wear, and in a few years the babies will get to wear it, too. I’m so glad that the boys think it’s cool to share things and experiences with their brothers.  :)

After two years of light wear (mostly to church, but with such young boys that only protects it from certain abuses) it still looks nice, but I’ve gained some valuable hindsight. I knit worsted weight yarn on size 9 needles to get a larger size than the pattern offered. That worked, but the material is not as strong and sturdy as it would have been had I knit it more tightly. Also, were I to make it again, I’d just shape the neckline for a v-neck instead of trying to fill in the hole for a shawl-collar – but I was less confident knitting two years ago, so I understand why I did things the way I did.

So despite the fact that it’s getting pilly, it’s still one of my favorite things I’ve knit for my kids. It’s awesome!

And Charlie concurs.


  1. Mom says:

    He does look like a teacher. So do you use the little shaver thingys for the pills or do you just pick at them or leave them alone? I can’t stand them and have gotten rid of sweaters just for that reason

  2. bezzie says:

    Ha ha! Paired with those cords he does look like a teacher. Hmmm…in fact I wonder if they have an adult version? My teacher-in-training keeps whining about me not making him a sweater.

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