Because a Plain Scarf is a Boring Scarf

What one thing do all small boys want in a scarf?


No, seriously – there are cars in the scarf. See?

Oooh, cars!

Each connected to their garage by a chain so they will never, never, never get lost.  As you can see, the scarf is cunningly designed to be completely reversible: there are two garages and two cars on each end (making it ideal for sharing-across-the-backseat winter roadtrip play).


Even the stripes on the road are visible on both sides – and don’t think I’m not absurdly proud of how I managed different textures for the grass and the asphalt! This is one scarf that looks dashing both under a coat…

How handsome!

or on top of it. :)

Oh, yeah, he was all over this thing.

 Methinks the kiddo won’t let me forget to put on his scarf when we go out.


  1. Mom says:

    He he! I was almost right – yours is better, because it’s reversible and soft attached cars! The boys will stay happy and warm with that!

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