More Ani-balls

Let me just lead with a less washed-out picture of the lion I made:

In the jungle, the grassy jungle...

See? So much cuter in the sunshine! That goes for the tail view as well:

Come show me, wanna see you shake your tailfeathers!

It’s been raining for days. It rained this morning, as a matter of fact; long and hard and thoroughly. I was afraid it might not dry out enough for me to get outside for  some shots of the aniballs in their…’natural’ environment, but in the evening enough had evaporated that we cautiously ventured out.

As you can see, Charlie got his elephant:


and I must say, it’s even a bigger hit than the lion. It’s slightly larger which makes it easier for little hands to throw and catch, and the boy’s have had the grandest time making elephant  sounds as they throw it around. The elephant has a little tail of its own, as well:

About face!

Although not long enough to use as a handle. These little guys are fun!

In the jungle, the quiet jungle...


  1. florence says:

    i am soon to be 77 and do not have small anything. but am enjoying seeing your sons. you sho a square afgan that i would like to learn as i am making things for new mothers to be. i am lds for 36 yrs and hane just taught my self to knit. crochet most of my life. i did the LORD’S PRAYER for an elderly friend in bedspread connon and fine hook that her family still has. God is real and wonderfu. fmc

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