The Winds of Change

Greg has gone again, and it seems that the last warmth of summer left with him. Clouds have moved in, temperatures have started to drop, and the wind has begun to blow. Yesterday was the windiest yet, blowing hard enough to raise whirling clouds of dust from the gravel road, hard enough to send trash cans rolling out into the street, hard enough to make it impossible to see – or breathe – in the full blast. Fallen leaves that had begun to accumulate almost unnoticed on the grass are suddenly center stage, skittering and skirling across sidewalks and through parking lots: the season that we could see coming a month ago is here.

This last month was like one long weekend. Greg was home almost every day, we went out on trips, and generally ignored the fact that he was going to be leaving again as long as possible.

Beautiful waterfalls

Gratuitous waterfall from one of our trips. Now that he’s gone, though, I find myself looking around at all of the things I let drop and – let’s say that it gives me plenty to do. Which can only be to the good. I actually have quite a few announcements, so hold on to your hats! First – the new mystery hobby:

Bunches of beautiful earrings!

Jewelry making! (Oof.) I started right before Greg came back, and I have to say that it is much less expensive than you might think (but it can get as expensive as you like), it is fast and the results are beautiful. All this means is that it’s easy to end up with way, way more than I could ever use, but it’s so much fun to make! Not that I’m doing anything terribly tricky, but I like it. I ended up taking some over to the base craft consignment shop to see if anyone wants any. (We’ll see.)

Next! The Crochet Liberation Front, a group that began on Ravelry and is now thousands strong, has put together a book. (Yes, a BOOK!) And I’ve got a pattern in it!


This hat is very special to me – I literally began it on the plane ride to Japan – and I think it’s one of the most simply elegant pieces I have ever designed. It’s called Saucy! (because it is, at that) and it’s one of thirty-six (that’s right, thirty-six) patterns in a book that was put together by members of the CLF and self-published by Laurie Wheeler, our fearless leader. How awesome is that? (And not just because it’s my first book credit. Which it is.) The Crochet Liberation Front First Ever Book. Buy it on Amazon.

But wait, there’s more! You can now buy the pattern for Noonas:

Noonas for open ended play

over at Inner Child Crochet. (Here! You can buy it here!)

I am also working on a secret uber-project which will, if I can manage it, make quite a splash in the online crocheting world. Well, back to work!


  1. Bezzie says:

    Oh man, I MISS that kind of wind. The place I grew up was that windy all the time. But with more glacial silt.

    Cute hat! And way to go on the pattern pub!!!

  2. mom says:

    Congrats! You look skinny – are you eating? (That way you know it’s mom:) The hat is one of your best. You should post a group pic of your many hats – do you have a closet especially for them? If ever there was a place that needed hats – it’s there. Love Mom

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