Finishing Up

Two projects saw their finish today: first up, the Vestee!

Max's vestee sweater from Knitty

Max is seen here being a tree, which is apparently very serious business. He likes it, though. See?

Max's vestee sweater from knitty

The shawl collar read a little feminine to me, and I didn’t want to make him a sweater with a hood even if I’d thought I’d have enough yarn (which I might have had…I have a good chunk of the fifth ball left over), so I just picked up stitches and short-rowed some triangular pieces in k1 p1 ribbing to match the cuffs. I’m not 100% happy with how the neckline turned out, but I made this sweater to go with a white shirt and tie on Sundays, and I think it will work just fine for that.

Next up, I made a hat to go with my Tea Scarf!

Slouchy green hat

I used the Pretty Puffs Slouchy Hat pattern by Jessica Suzanne, and I really like it although mine came out a lot bigger than expected. Of course, I used a K hook with my Debbie Mumm Traditions when the pattern specified a J hook for worsted (I already had it out for the scarf). Plus, I had a bandaid on the index finger of my right hand – the finger I control my yarn with – so I was trying not to snag or pull a yarn already hypersensitive to snagging and pulling with a built-in yarn-snagger on the finger I like to slide my yarn along…and I think I just worked it up way too loosely. Here’s one shot of the back before I go, because it’s awesome –

Back of slouchy green hat

You’re lucky I’m restraining myself. I posted four pictures of this baby in my Ravelry project folder.


  1. turtlegirl76 says:

    Why restrain? More pics are always good! Love the hat! I’d want my bigger too since I have such big hair. =P The sweater is adorable and I think you did a fantastic job on the neckline.

  2. Abi says:

    The sweater looks wicked awesome. You are so amazing, I’ll just tweak the pattern a bit and there you go a very awesome collar. It will look very cute with his white shirt and tie. Your hat looks great too. I love the yarn color.

  3. April says:

    Love, love, love the hat! I linked to the pattern and your blog yesterday from Ravelry. I downloaded it and I plan to pick up some Debbie Mumm this week. I’ve heard it can be difficult, but I do like how it looks. Thanks for the free pattern.

  4. Elizabeth says:

    I love the innovative v-front collar design! I might try that on a sweater or vest for myself. Thanks for the inspiration!

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