Bring on the Crazy

Wow. It’s been so long since I’ve posted. Things are accelerating now, piling on faster and faster as we draw nearer to our move around the world. Let’s see if we can catch up a little, shall we?

As for the rest of our trip to Colorado, there was fabulous scenery,

there were dinosaurs,

there was more fabulous scenery,

and some good clean fun.

We made a stop at Knitter’s Kove (clever name), which looked very quiet on the outside. On the inside, though, there was a knitting group in progress. The store itself was stuffed from floor to ceiling with yarn in crazy variety, and I really don’t know how they found room for what must have been twenty women of all ages to sit. I wandered about and soaked it in until Greg sent me a message that we needed to go. (I bought enough Cascade 220 to drop a yak. Ok, only 6 skeins. I just thought that was a fun expression. No pictures today, people.)

I finished knitting the second sleeve for Charlie’s sweater in the dark as we drove back to Texas.  As of right now, it’s mostly seamed up, I just need to sit down with a good audiobook, suck it up, and finish.


  1. Abi says:

    It does look like you had fun. Yes, I was wondering what that blue thingy your cute little ones were playing on is too. Ha ha, I know what its like when your hubby wants to get out of whatever craft store your in especially the fabric store, when you could spend at least a few more hours just taking it all in.

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