That’s right! I’ve been sewing like a madwoman to get the sun out of our eyes. There’s not much to making curtains, really – in fact, they’re one of the easiest sewing projects known to Woman (shh…Man still thinks they’re Awesome) – but the fabric I bought for the drapes in the living room and dining room made me a little nervous. You know. Because it’s pricey, and slick, and just enough for the project. Naturally, this was the cloth that I started with.
When executing repetitive or nerve-wracking tasks, I often repeat a mantra or phrase over and over again through my head. With knitting or crocheting, this usually consists of the pattern directions (oddly enough, usually in abbreviated form. You know, ‘sc, sc, sc, sc dec, sc, sc’…etc). To relax and focus while making the olive drapes, I said to myself, “Curtains are just big rectangles. Curtains are just biiig rectangles. Curtains are just biiig, expeeeeensive rectangles…”
Suddenly that one wasn’t helping so much, so I switched to a hastily composed couplet: “Curtains are easy, curtains are fun. A few simple seams, and your curtains are done.” See? That one’s still doing great. Now, to distract you from my newly-revealed quirk, may I present curtains?

living room

They’ll look a lot more finished when I have the opportunity to add valances, but valances are currently on the back burner until all of the windows are covered, as are tiebacks. Anyway, That’s the picture with flash. That’s what the curtains look like when it’s dark outside. During the day, they look more like this:

living room (1)

It’s really cool – we get some copper-gold shining through, even a little bit of pink in the evening. So pretty. I’ve finished two, total, out of four. I’d show you the other one, but it looks the same as this one. Haha. I also finished something for Max:


Look closely: he’s hugging the curtains. He actually said, “I nuh noo, woowoo.” (Translation: ‘I love you, train!’ Is that not the cutest thing, ever?) No one can accuse the kid of being ungrateful…

Aside from that, we’ve been busy preparing for Thanksgiving. Greg’s mother will be joining us tomorrow, and we’ve been busy picking up and arranging things for the visit. Like, for instance, a shower curtain in the bathroom she’ll be using. And a curtain on the window of the room where she’ll be staying. Although, I’m sure that the construction workers across the street will have a few days off, right? Right? *Sigh* Fiiine, I’ll do that one next.


  1. bezzie says:

    Those curtains are GORGEOUS! I love the slicky living room one!

    I like your little chant too. You could start a cult where we all chant Curtains Are Fun…with glassy looks in our eyes!

  2. Abi says:

    Wow!! Those look curtains look great. I’ll be even more wowed (is that a word?) when you get the valances done.

    We moved into a new place in September and I still need to make curtains for our bedroom and my daughter’s room. I’ve only done curtains for the kitchen and that was with material that cost $1/m and I had extra. I would be so scared to use really nice material. So, I feel for you and I love your mantra. I think I’ll borrow it when I need to make more curtains.

    I love how Max is hugging your curtains. So cute!!!

  3. Julie says:

    Very nice curtains! I made some curtains for my bedroom that look like they were sewn by drunken monkeys, so I am totally jealous. If they’re really just big rectangles, maybe I should try again…but they’ll never be as well-loved as Max’s curtains! :) Too cute!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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