Gentle readers, you should thank me.

I have written before of the unparalleled burst of creativity and motivation that comes with a deadline. Or, more specifically, inspiration arrives for other things. Anything but what you ought to be working on. Heck, the whole llama was a product of this ‘burst.’ One of the smoothest patterns I’ve ever designed, only took a few days.

By the way, here’s a link to something I was doing this morning, for no reason other than that it was there and NOT what I was supposed to be doing. Fun game. Try not to crash the helicopter, and all that.

So when I say you ought to thank me, it is because I took this inspiration, tied it down, and beat it over the head until it passed out long enough for me to finish typing up my pattern for CrochetMe. I sent it! Yay! The final deadline is this Thursday, the 15th, so as you see I really had put it off quite long enough.

The only thing is, now that it’s finished, I totally lack motivation to begin anything else. It’s really pretty depressing. Fear not, however, I’ve thought of the cure. I’m going to get out the scarf that I’m knitting for Greg’s grandmother (for Christmas). If that doesn’t inspire me to do something else, I don’t know what will. 😆

Thank you, all who voted in the llama beauty contest. I agree, #2 really is the better shot.

Oh – yeah, I’m going to get the Honor Guard coaster pattern up here sometime soon. I swear.


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